How to Make a Cheap Pet Rat Hideout





Introduction: How to Make a Cheap Pet Rat Hideout

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Step 1:

Cut the cover off an old binder

Step 2:

Fold one side about two inches

Step 3:

Fold the opposite side about an inch

Step 4:

Put on or in your cage

Step 5:

Let your ratties enjoy!! I know this is simple and anybody could do it, but since rats are naturally curious creatures a new toy will excite them and they will spend hours trying to figure out how to use this new hut.



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    Cute little fuzzbutts you have there. And you're right, nice & simple is good. They LOVE new stuff.

    Ah, I see. Thank you for your help with my questions!

    I've never let my rats run around the house because I have a dog:) and two cats. If they were my only pets though I would probably let them run around. They might try to chew on furniture because their teeth never stop growing (they like to chew on toilet paper tubes). It would have to be something they were trained not to do. And probably you would have to put out chewing blocks so they COULD chew on something.

    Wow, can you let them run around your house (like a dog)? Or will they get into mischief and trouble? (like a dog :p)
    Like will they chew on furniture?

    Having pet rats is a lot of fun. They are super smart and yes than can be litter trained. They can also be taught their names and tricks. My rats are named Faith and Amelia. Amelia is a fancy rat and Faith is a dumbo rat. Pet rats are free of diseases and are a lot cleaner than wild rats. They take very good care of themselves. Rats are also very social and love to be around their person or a cage mate.

    What is it like having a pet rat? Like, what are the differences between them and wild rats? And can you train them to use a litter box like a ferret / cat?