How to Make a Cheap Rubber Band Ball

I had an idea to try out Instructables, So heres my first one! You can easily find the materials to make a rubber band ball at a store such as Wal-Mart or even around the house. Comment and tell me how this instructable looks. YOUR OPINION HELPS ALOT!!!

Step 1: Gathering Materials

This is where you have to decide. Do you want a high bouncing rubber band ball? If so go to the next step. If you want one made completely made of rubber bands then skip to step 3.

Step 2: Build It!

Okay this step teaches you how to build a almost perfectly round ball that bounces high. First you will need tons of rubber bands( I would recommend small ones, but whatever is good to you!) and second a small bouncy ball. Take a rubber band, one at a time, and start wrapping the rubber bands twice if needed around the small ball. When your rubber band ball is big enough you can start putting rubber bands around the ball once instead of twice. Once you use all your rubber bands then go up against a wall and bounce the ball against it to make sure it bounces good! AND There You Go!

Step 3: Making It....... Again?

This steps requires just rubber bands. Once you have the rubber bands, take a pile of them and wad them up into a ball. Wrap a couple of rubber bands around this ball. Then, start wrapping rubber bands around the ball twice if needed until you cant wrap them around twice. Then you can start wrapping the rubber bands once around the ball until you get a pretty good sized ball . Then test the ball and make sure it bounces good. And there you go! Thanks for reading this instructable! Comment if you have any questions! THANKS!!                       - Mr.CarWashGuy P.S. My rubber band ball turned out like this ( BELOW!)



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