How to Make a Coke Bottle Lamp/torch




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What will I need?
You will need: a coke bottle (plastic), scissors, a whiteboard marker, a piece of fabric, a torch, PVA glue and tissue paper!

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Step 1: Cut Your Bottle in Half!

Using scissors, cut your bottle in half.

Step 2: Decorate!

Draw something on the bottom half of the bottle, then paper mâché the inside of the top half using tissue paper and PVA glue!

Step 3: Light It Up!

Stuff the bottom half of your bottle with a fabric, then place in your torch. Try to work out where the button will be (to turn the torch on/off). Cut a hole big enough for your finger, then position the torch inside!

Step 4: Only Connect!

Just connect the top half with the bottom half using tape, then tie a ribbon around to hide the hole! Your bottle lamp/torch is done!

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