How to Make a Computer in Hopscotch!




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Ok, so making things in hopscotch can be hard or easy. Making a computer is pretty easy. And my hopscotch username is shikusu. I have two accounts.

Step 1: Making the Stripe.

Ok. First you will want to add text and type in "Stripe" Now add into stripe a new line of code. Say " when play is pressed, draw a (your color) stripe width 100 9999099999999. Look at the picture.

Step 2: The Start Menu Button.

Now, add text, go into emojis, add a red circle. Or whatever you want. Put the red circle in the bottom left. Then go to text, into emojis, add a white square. This is the menu that will pop up when you press the red circle. Go into the white squares menu, add new code. Say: "when the play button is pressed, grow 1000 times. Then move the big white square just above the stripe and red circle. Then, add a new line of code: when the play button is pressed, turn invisible 100%.
Now, the white square is invisible. Now add a new line of code: when red circle is pressed, turn invisible 0%. Now to will appear. That is you button, and menu. It should like the picture now.

Step 3: The App

So of course for the start menu, you would need a app! Tap text type in the name of you app, I will call mine "computer". Ok. Drag your text into the start menu. (In edit mode, the start menu will be the normal sized emoji. Don't worry! Just put your text inside where the menu would pop up in test mode.) ok now add a now add what ever you want and put it where ever you want. Now add a new text. Type in "x" and drag it above whatever you added before. This x is the x that you press to close out. Now go back into whatever you added before, (1)add new line of code: "when the play button is pressed, turn invisible 100%. Now add a new line of code: when computer is pressed, turn invisible 0%. Now it will appear when you press computer in the start menu. Go back to where I put a 1 and do the exact same thing to the X we added before.
okay, now that you did the exact same thing to the X, Add a new line of code into what ever you added before: when X Is pressed, turn invisible 100%. Do that to the X. Okay. Now we have a working computer! WOOHOO! You can add more apps by following this paragraph again or add extras by yourself! Thanks for reading my instructable!



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