How to Make a Cookie-Cutter

Introduction: How to Make a Cookie-Cutter

This is a short video tutorial that shows how to design a cookiecutter using the CookieCutterEditor and print it on a 3D-Printer like the makerbot



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    This is very unfair, do you really need another makerbot, this decreases the chances of winning for the people that actually dont have one.
    I voted it 1 star until you take it out, other people should do the same

    Did you burn your cookies? Great job though and I love that your trying to win a Makerbot with a Makerbot ible. Good Luck

    1 reply

    nice, but since you already have a makerbot doesn't entering the contest reduce other peoples chances of winning?

    1 reply

    i cannot find anything in the contestrules that prevents my entering to the contest