How to Make a Cool Glitter Jar





Introduction: How to Make a Cool Glitter Jar

If you are camping outdoors, or just want an interesting little light, then this is good for you!

Step 1: Step One

Step one: Get a jar. Just get any typical jar with a lid.

Step 2: Step Two

Get a glow stick and cut the end off with scissors. Be careful not to get any on your hands and rub your eyes. If you do get it on your hands, wash them. Put the liquid in the jar, give it a slight shake and open it.

Step 3: Step Three

Get glitter. I would recommend small white glitter. Put it in the jar and shake it. And there you go! You have a cool jar that glows!



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    6 Discussions

    I think that is very neat and I will have to try that sometime!

    @nqtronix @jenise2000 I have tried it, yes, you can use the jar again, you have to wash it really good, And yeah, the pics are from Google because I did this a long time ago with my family and I didnt have the materials handy. Ty

    These pictures are off google

    Also, the cover picture actually has the instructions on....

    Have you tried it out by yourself? The pictures looked a bit generec to me so I reverse googled them and were sucessful.

    What about the disposal once it stops glowing? Can the jar be washed to be used again, are the contains safe for the enviroment?

    If the final result is only somewhat close to the pictures it would be nonetheless incredible cool.


    4 years ago

    Hardly super cool considering you have used pictures lifted directly off the net, in addition to you main picture which is photoshopped and cropped from someone else's work. FYI steps missed...activate the glow sticks before pouring, and use anywhere between 3 or 4 dependent on your jar size