How to Make a Cool Wooden Dagger

Introduction: How to Make a Cool Wooden Dagger

Daggers are cool. And this tutorial should help you make a cool dagger of your own no matter what kind of style you want.

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Step 1: First Things First

Safety! I can not be held responsible for any injury caused by the making or use of this prop on you or anyone.

Tools and materials

3/4in thick plywood
Band saw or other wood cutting tool
Sand paper or dremel with sanding bits (preferred)

Step 2: Tracing

Draw or trace the dagger onto the plywood.

The wood I used was already cut into a dagger but I wanted it to be cooler

Step 3: Sanding

Sand all edges thoroughly until you are satisfied with the look and feel of your dagger

Step 4: Wrapping

For the handle, you can use leather, twine or whatever you have on hand. All I had was masking tape.

Depending on the knife you want, you can do whatever paint job. I just covered mine In a silver sticker liner.

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