How to Make a Custom Camera Box

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Using the versatile and adaptable media, cardboard, this instructable will show how to make a custom camera box.  As you will see, it can be adapted to many other uses, as well.

Step 1: Get or Make Box

If you are able to obtain a box already made, that can be used for this project. If not, you can make your own custom size box by following this instructable:

Step 2: Cut Cardboard Piece to Size

Measure the inside of your box. Being as precise as possible, cut that piece out with your craft knife or box cutter knife.

Step 3: Lay Out Your Cut-out Pattern

Arrange your camera(s) as you want them to be placed in the box.  At this time, I also marked the positions of batteries I want to store with the cameras.

Step 4: Cut Out Pieces and Drill Holes

Using care and patience, cut out your marked pattern pieces.  BE SAFE! Making many, repetitive, shallow cuts is much better than trying to make the cuts all at once.  Try to cut just on the lines, or slightly outside the lines to make it easy to situate cameras.  Then, jusing the drill press, or a hand drill, drill as many holes as you need for the batteries.

Step 5: Place Items in Holes Cut to Insure a Good Fit

Before installing the cutout piece in the box, make sure all items fit correctly.  It will be very difficult to trim cardboard after installation.

Step 6: Add Strips in Box for Support

Cut some pieces of cardboard about 5/8 inches wide to act as support pieces.  Yours may vary, and that's ok.  Glue these strips inside the box so that the cuttout piece sits on it and is supported by them.  Then apply glue to the top of these strips, around the edges, and put into place. At this point, the custom box is complete!

Step 7: Use Same Techniques for Other Items

This same building technique can be used for any number of items you want or need to organize.  Here are some pictures of toiletries placed into boxes of their own.



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    Aqua Velva....the man knows good after shave. Nice idea Creativeman. //rick//

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Top notch! Delighted to see you got something in the comp, you've so much great stuff from cardboard already - now, a cardboard hanger for that T-shirt you're hoping for!