How to Make a Dart Airplane

Introduction: How to Make a Dart Airplane

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Hi guys! This is my first instructuble on ORIGAMI and i love it so much!! :)

The things that you will need:

1. Rectangular piece of paper

Step 1: Fold in Half

Step 2: Open

Step 3: Fold It Like THIS

Step 4: More Folds.......

Step 5: Fold in Half

Step 6: Fold Both Sides Down

Step 7: Done!

Thank u!!!!!!!! Hope u had fun making this! Also leave a like and follow too, because my goal is to have 20 followers until next week! ;)! Also comment what kind of origami or minecraft thing i should do next please!


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    9 months ago

    I did a STEM challenge with my students to build a paper airplane that can fly as far as possible. I started the STEM session by asking few questions on aerodynamics and explaining the science behind the flight of Airplanes. I explained them about the four forces acting on a flying object namely: LIFT, WEIGHT, DRAG and THRUST. Then we started with the engineering design process: 1) ASK 2) IMAGINE 3) PLAN 4) CREATE 5) IMPROVE and 6) REFLECT. I used your project as a reference sample to make, and the students really worked well. I converted your steps for dart airplane as graphics and made pdf file. I printed the sample and allotted to students. i hereby attest the SCIENCE BACKGROUND, LAB SHEET and SAMPLE AIRPLANE DESIGN. I hope my work may benefit other teachers as well.