How to Make a Desk From an Old Door

Introduction: How to Make a Desk From an Old Door

If you need a desk but just can't be bothered to buy one then this is is just right for you! If your like me and you've just refurbished and renovated your house and you've got some old doors that you removed and don't need don't throw it away use to make something really useful!
In this instructable ill show how to turn that door into a desk!. Bear in mind though that this is my first instructable so if I made any mistakes just bear with me! I'd appreciate any comments that anyone has for me but without further ado lets begin!

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Step 1: Materials

Items needed
A drill
An old door
A measuring tape
4 table legs (can be easily acquired at Home Depot if your in America but also ikea if your in Europe
Screws-come with the legs usually

Step 2: The Door

Take your door and cut it down to the right size that you want with a saw

Step 3: Table Legs

Place the table legs on to the door in all four corners and make sure they are aligned with each other

Step 4: Putting It All Together

Now screw on your legs with the power drill make sure all of the legs are aligned perfectly
Now turn the table over onto its legs and BOOM! Now you have your door desk have fun with it

Step 5:

I hope you enjoyed my instructable and any comments would be great

*update* I am planning on placing a glass pane over the door to create a smooth surface to write on any comments on how to do this would be great thanks

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    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    oh the glass you can get buy online i suppose to fit your measurements for your door or you could use particle board either way whatever is best in your opinion


    6 years ago

    Thanks for the details. I can do this!