How to Make a Dog Love You





Introduction: How to Make a Dog Love You

Step 1: Give He/she Treats

Not to many or it wil make him or her fat!

Step 2: Give He or She Lots of Hugs

Not the best pic but you get the point

Step 3: Give He or She Lots of Attention

This part is very easy all you have to do is play with he or she every day

Step 4: Take He/she on Walks

You should take your dog out as much as you can it might give you more bonding time

Step 5: I Hope This Helped!

Thank you for looking, hope your dog loves you more than ever!



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    4 Discussions

    Thank you, I like your bike wheel bow and me and my grandad are going to make it soon!

    A nice first instructable - keep up the good work.

    Expect great things and makes from here on in.

    Yep Im sure that will work every time! :)

    What a great dog. I must be lucky, I only have to do step 1 with my dog :D