How to Make a Doll

About: Hello, I make simple instructables. I don't want to make you look everywhere for your materials. I mainly use household items. Some of my instructables have 3 very simple steps to them. PLEASE VOTE.

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Step 1: Parts You Need

- Three Popsicle sticks
- Two Googly eyes
-glue or tape

Step 2: Arrange Them This Way.

I know this makes no sense, but I tried it with my brother and it worked. Now try making fabric clothes for you doll so the person you want to give it to will be star struck happy!

Step 3: Epilogue

My brother has gotten this far with his doll, he even introduced these dolls to his little friends. They all got one! (My brother likes it with one eye)

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Nice and simple. My 3 year old Grandson would love it!