How to Make a Dollar Bill Levitate




This is using static electricity, it is very complicated to get the hang of, please , no hate

Step 1: Static

Get to plastic straws with wrappers carefully take off the wrapper and cut it as shown (Do this to two straws)

Step 2: More Static

Place short part of wrapper on straw and place it In your teeth, don't get it wet.

Step 3: Make It

Rub the long part of the wrapper on both parts of the straw for 5 seconds, then yank them both off and hold the straw with your bare hands tightly. Do that or 3 seconds, and don't touch anything after that.

Step 4: Magic!

Lift your dollar bill off and slowly take your hands off, one on the top and one on the bottom. Do not touch anything before you pick up the bill. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. No hate this worked 2/8 times for me, it is difficult

Step 5: Extra

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Thanks!! If you guys have any idea for thinks I should build; comment id love to hear them



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