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Intro: How to Make a Duct Tape Wallet

Hey guys! In this instructable ill show you how to make a duct tape wallet. It is a fun and easy craft I'm sure you'll love! And all you pretty much need is some duct tape and inspiration. So get your duct tape ready an we'll get started!

Step 1: Supplies

For this project all you need is the following:

Duct tape
Scissors (optional)

With these supplies you can make a really cool wallet that you can actually use (I actually use it!) So let's get started!t

Step 2: The Start of Your Wallet

Chose your main colour of duct tape (if you using more than one). Make 9 strips of about 24cm long. Don't worry it doesn't have to be perfect we'll cut off all the extra tape later.

Step 3: The Body of Your Wallet

Pay attention in this part! What your gonna want to do is take two of your strips of duct tape. Then out one down (sticky side up) and take the other one and stick it to the other one sticky side down. And make sure theres about 1cm of the sticky side left. Then fold one of the sticky parts left down. Then flip it over and stick another piece of duct tape on to the other sticky part. Then keep doing that until you get to the last one, then when you get to the last one just fold it over. And finally cut all the excess tape off.

Step 4: Making the Pouch

Take the "sheet" of duct tape you made and fold it over. Then cut two pieces of duct tape about 9 1/2cm long and tape the sides together making a pouch.

Step 5: Card Pouches

So what your gonna do for the card pouches is basically the beginning of the pouch itself except you don't continue, you stop at the first one. Then you cut that in half and cut those two pieces to 9 1/ long and do that all over again. Or you can do it the way I did it (it's a bit harder and I think I would've rather done the way I told you). So what you do for that is you take those pieces and you cut a piece of tape a bit longer than that piece and you stick it over that will provide a sticky bit for the bottom and the sides and do that for every one of them.

Step 6: Finish It Off

Now that you're basically done your wallet you can decorate it however you want to. I like to use tape to decorate but I'm sure there's other materials for it. I'll make another instructable on how to make the button and how to put a design on your wallet so stay put! I hope you had fun and please like, follow and comment ;)



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