How to Make a FX Budget Fibreglass Lifecast Mould

Introduction: How to Make a FX Budget Fibreglass Lifecast Mould

If you need a lifecast mould and you want something fast and cheap, why not try this?

It's not suitable for all applications, but perfect for some ie: making a bald caps, form for a skull cap for animatronics, casting forms for prosthetic appliances.

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Step 1: Preparing the Raw Lifecast

1. Raw lifecast, when casting avoid creating any undercuts, ie under the chin, keep head up a little higher than normal.  Don't cast the ears.

2. Clean up lifecast, mount on a board, get it level, clay in any gaps or small undercuts ie nostrails. Give it 2-3 coats of button polish/shellac.

Step 2: Building the Dividing Walls

3a, 3b & 3c. Wall up two opposite quarters, use a piece of shim (or biscuit tin) to seperate the two sections where they meet. Back it all up with plaster bandage to strengthen. Coat the clay walls in clear laquer then when dry, 2-3 layers of spray wax all over. When dry, dust with talc.

Step 3: Laminating

Image 3c shows how the mould is divided from above.

4a. Laminate the two sides, when these sides are set, clean the walls away and wax all over, again 2-3 layers of spray wax.  Laminate the remailing two sides.  When all set, trim, drill bolt holes, clean out and give it a good waxing with some hard wax and liquid wax then talc when dry.

Step 4: Casting a Positive

4b. Join two sections of the mould together so you have a front and a back and laminate as normal.  Or join it all up to flood with plaster.

To demould apply a little heat with a hairdryer to melt the wax layers, slowley seperate and clean up the seam.

5. finished cast in fibreglass

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    This instructable does nothing for the beginner. Fail.