How to Make a First Strike Survival Kit

Introduction: How to Make a First Strike Survival Kit

Step 1: What U Need

You will need

A container to store your items
A small pocketknife
A emergency poncho
A lighter
Two band aids
Two alcohol swabs
Three mints
Three cotton balls
A pair of nail clippers
Toilet paper
Ointment for wounds
Sterile gloves

Step 2: Packing

Pack all things in your container ( I recommend a 1010 pelican micro case but any pouch that it will fit in is fine

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    4 Discussions

    Ok thanks for the sugeston ill ad that

    I would add more first aid stuff, like: wound closure strips, sting relief pads, more alcohol prep pads, and more bandaids.

    It means basically when bad things happen all at once

    What does "first strike" mean?