How to Make a Fish Tail Loom Bracelet




Introduction: How to Make a Fish Tail Loom Bracelet

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Step 1: Get Your Materials

You will need a loom, a pick tool, a "S" or "C" clip, and your color choice of rubber bands. You can also get beads, they are optional.

Step 2: Turn It

Turn the loom sideways, it doesn't matter what way the arrows are pointing on the loom.

Step 3: Rubber Band Time

Take one rubber band of your choice and put it on ONE peg. Then before you hook it to the peg next to it, flip the rubber band over, then connect it to the other peg. After you place the rubber band, it should look like a figure-8 as shown in the picture.

Step 4: Rubber Band Time

Take another rubber band and place it above the figure-8 band. Do NOT figure-8 this rubber band.

Step 5: Rubber Band Time

Again, apply another rubber band above the figure-8 one and the straight rubber band. Do NOT figure-8 this rubber band either.

Step 6: From the Top

After you are done applying the three rubber bands, this is what they should look like from the top.

Step 7: Time to Start

Now that you have put the three rubber bands where they belong, take the bottom band, or the figure-8 band, and hook it with your pick tool.

Step 8: Pull

Pull the rubber band up over the top of the rest of the rubber bands.

Step 9: Let It Go

Let go of the figure-8 rubber band. It should be sitting on too of the other two rubber bands.

Step 10: Repeat

Take your pick tool and hook the other side of the bottom rubber band, or the figure-8 band.

Step 11: Repeat

Pull the bottom band, the figure-8 band, over the other two bands.

Step 12: Let It Go

Let go of the rubber band. It should look like what is shown in the picture.

Step 13: Push Down

Push down the two rubber bands.

Step 14: Add Another

Add another rubber band above the two rubber bands that were already on the pegs.

Step 15: Repeat

Repeat the steps 8 through 14.

Step 16: Keep Going

Keep doing the process and it should look like the picture.

Step 17: Far Enough

When you get far enough into the bracelet, take the rubber band on the end and guilty it. This will tighten the rubber bands and make it look like a fishtail. Keep pulling after you add about 5 to 10 bands.

Step 18: Optional

If you want to add beads to your bracelet, just take the rubber band abs weave it through the hole of the bead.

Step 19: Attach

Attach the two ends of the rubber band that is sticking out of the bead to the pegs.

Step 20: Grab It

Grab the rubber band at the bottom and pull it over the top.

Step 21: Let It Go

Let go of the band.

Step 22: Lift It

Lift the other side of the band over the rest.

Step 23: Look Like This

It should look like the photo above.

Step 24: Keep Repeating

Keep repeating the lift and let go steps.

Step 25: Like This

It should look like this when you get farther down from the bead.

Step 26: Add a Clip

Add either an "S" clip or a "C" clip to the end of your bracelet.

Step 27: Take It Off.

Take the rubber band off the pegs.

Step 28: Connect

Connect the the clip to the other side of your bracelet.

Step 29: Wear It

Wear your awesome bracelet and show all your friends.

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