How to Make a Fishtail (Wonder Loom)

Introduction: How to Make a Fishtail (Wonder Loom)

About: I love the movie Frozen, I Love Rainbow Loom or other brands so I can make things!

This will show you how to make a fishtail bracelet with the wonder loom!

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Step 1: Materials Needed

I Will Be Using Wonder Loom Instead Of Rainbow Loom. Materials Needed-


Bands (as many as you like)


Step 2: Make Infinity Symbol

First you will make an infinity symbol to start with

Step 3: Add 2 More Bands

Then, you will add 2 more bands on top of that. I am using pink, blue, and green

Step 4: Underneath

Then you will go underneath the bands

Step 5: First Stitch

When you went underneath the bands to get that band, you will then pull it over the bands

Step 6: Other Side

You will then repeat that on the other side

Step 7: Place Another Band

Next, you will push all your bands down. And then you will add 1 band of that exact color that you just made a stitch on and then you will place it on top of that

Step 8: Exact Thing Before

Then you will make another stitch and do what you did before. But grab the very bottom color

Step 9: Repeat

You will repeat the exact same thing until it is long enough.

Step 10: When You Are Done

When it is long enough, you will put a c-clip on it, but first you will take it of the loom and put them both into the clip.

Step 11: It Should Look Like

It should look like this as you keep going. Keep going until the bracelet fits your wrist. Thank you for doing this bracelet and I hope you like it! Plz like!

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    It was so much fun!!!!!!!?????L


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    Do you need a loom


    2 years ago

    Hi. Anthonyb6. You. Hade. Wonder loom