How to Make a Fishtail

Introduction: How to Make a Fishtail

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Step 1: Step 1- Materials

For this bracelet you will need the loom kit a hooker thing (as I call it :3) and RUBBER BANDS~ oh and patience..

Step 2: Step 2- 8 It

Grab one rubber band and twist it so it looks like an 8!

Step 3: Step 3- Put It on the Loom

(I'm takin' this very slow owo xD)
Alright put that rubber band shaped like an 8 on the loom! {should take up 2 pegs}

Step 4: Step 4- Add On!

Add two more STRAIGHT rubber bands {I repeat STRAIGHT} on top of the one shaped like an 8!

Step 5: Step 5- Lift and Middle

Using your hooker lift the bottom rubber band (shaped like an 8) and bring it up and put it in the middle of the bands and repeat that step for the other side of the rubber band.

Step 6: Check to Make Sure You're Doing It Right!

Look at the picture and compare it to yours. Are you doing it right?

Step 7: Step 7- Add ONE Straight Rubber Band

Add one straight rubber band on-top of the one you just put in the middle {looks at picture for reference}

Step 8: Step 8- Repeat

Repeat steps 5,6, & 7 (IN ORDER) !!

Step 9: End~

Once you have gotten it to the length you want it to be leave the one you just put in the middle and there should be two other rubber bands. It's basically like hooking a double together.

Step 10: Final Results!

To the left is what I made during this instructions {short for time purposes} but the one to the right is what it should look like with length and all c:

Step 11: -note-

This is my first instructions on Instructables! I hope it helped!! <3

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