How to Make a Flashing LED Paracord Bracelet




Introduction: How to Make a Flashing LED Paracord Bracelet

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Learn how to make flashing LED paracord bracelets to make sure you can be seen!

Step 1: You Will Need...

To make your LED paracord bracelet you will need the following things:


Tape measure



An LED wrist band of some sort

Step 2: Measure Your Paracord

To make an 8" bracelet you will need approximately 8 feet of paracord. Cut a little bit longer if you want to be certain you'll have enough!

Step 3: Your First Knot

When you are ready to begin weaving place your LED band over the centre of the paracord. Take the left side cord and cross it over the band and then underneath the right side cord. Then take the right side cord underneath the LED band and up through the gap you have made with the left. Then pull tight!

Step 4: Repeat on the Other Side

Now you need to do the same thing but starting with the cord on the right hand side this time. Take the right cord over the LED band and under the left cord. Take the left cord behind the LED band and up through the gap. Pull tight!

Step 5: Carry on Weaving

Now you just need to keep repeating that pattern all the way down the band. Be careful with your spacing though. Try to keep it as even as possible all way down as it can be tricking to readjust it afterwards.

Step 6: Seal the Deal

When you reach the end, pull the paracord tight. Snip the ends short and take your lighter to melt them slightly. Pat them down with your finger to bond them to the rest of the paracord and they won't come undone.

Step 7: Light It Up!

These LED bracelets are great for wearing out in the dark whether you are walking, running or cycling to keep you safe and make sure you can be seen. And of course they are always good for a rave too! Most LED bands, like the ones I have here, have 3 lighting modes so you can make them flash slowly, fast or stay on constantly. There are tons of colour options too! Check out mine here

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    cool where did you get the led band

    Great project! I want to make these! I think you could benefit from another online mail order site. It's overseas and takes a little longer for your items to arrive but, it is worth the wait because the prices are soooo low! I believe once you look through what all they have to offer, your crafty mind will overload with ideas! :D We Americans use to say ; " I got a "good bang" for my buck", whenever we got a great price on a product. So it translates to them as : .

    I hope you check it out and have great fun with it! And thanks for sharing this project!


    3 years ago

    Hello, Katie Vallis (author)
    I would like to ask your permission to use the photos for my school'project. I wonder how can I contact you?
    Thank you

    I like the LED wristband you use in this demo. Where do you get these? I've looked all over the internet for one that buckles like your's. I want to do this with Teens this summer for a Summer Reading Program.

    5 replies

    I want to do them for the Summer Reading Program too. I'm thinking 3rd-6th or teens. What a great idea. I've been searching for them too.

    Infinity Scarf Instructions. Our Senior Citizens did these Wednesday and had a blast!

    Hi, I get them off eBay, there's only one kind that I've found look good and do the job but unfortunately they aren't listed just at the moment. I'll link them to you when they are back :)

    These are great .. one question, using these bracelets, are you able to change the battery?

    Lol I found the one you used :)|1616579374

    1 reply

    just curious how much are the led bracelet on ebay ... I can seem to track down the one u had used that has the one lock mech. and also do they have an off setting or is it a constant run til battery dies situation

    1 reply

    you could find them on

    Is there any way you can link to the ones you use? Having probes finding sufficient bbracelets on ebay

    2 replies

    Hi, I buy them off eBay but they are currently not listed, I'll link them when they are back :)

    Thanks. Is there a company that you purchased them from that we could look up the company since it isn't on Ebay now?