How to Make a Floating Snowflake

Introduction: How to Make a Floating Snowflake

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Thanks for stopping by! In just a few simple steps Styroshapes will show you how to create these fantastic floating Styrofoam Snowflakes that will instantly add some serious Holiday cheer to any room!

What You'll Need For This Project

1. Toothpicks
2. Clear Fishing Wire
3. Styrofoam Snowflake (

Step 1:

Break a tooth-pick in half, the other side will be used to conceal the initial tooth-pick.

Step 2:

Pull the fishing line over the of the snowflake where you want it be inserted.

Step 3:

The first half of the Toothpick has been inserted.

Step 4:

Push the line into the Styrofoam Snowflake with the flat end of the toothpick, pushing the line in at the same time.

Step 5:

Using the flat end of the unused tooth-pick, push the exposed tooth-pick into the Styrofoam so it cannot be seen.

Step 6:

All finished! Now it's time to hang your finished snowflake! For more Craft products, tutorials, and more be sure to visit One of the largest ecommerce website for for craft foam products!

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    Woah the effect is dazzling! I love technique you used to hang it, looks so secure and nearly invisible!