How to Make a Flower Chain

Introduction: How to Make a Flower Chain

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This fun craft is easy and looks great! You don't need much time!

Step 1: Materials

You'll need

- foam flowers
- string or ribbon
- paint colour of your choice
- paintbrushes
- scissors
- tape

Step 2: Line Up the Flowers and Paint

Line up the foam flowers in any order or pattern you'd like! Grab some paint and paint anything you'd like on them! My friend is painting my name.

Step 3: Cut Small Holes in All Flowers

This lets you put the ribbon or string through. Cut a small hole above the paint but be careful the paint will still be wet! To cut a hole fold the top piece of the flower and cut a small slot. Then cut the rest of the hole based on the size ribbon or string that you have.

Step 4: Put the String/Ribbon Through the Holes

This part is tricky if the paint is still wet. Put the ribbon through the holes. The pictures explain it better.

Step 5: Cut Off Excess Ribbon/String

This is pretty self explanatory.

Step 6: Tape It Up Wherever You Please

We suggest using 2 pieces of tape. Hope you enjoyed this craft and found it easy and fun!

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