How to Make a Foam Glider




How To Make A Foam Glider

The last photo has accurate drawings according to the lenghts shown on it.
You can print the last photo to make the glider.
The drawing is for 0.5cm foam.
Hook the rubber band on one clipper of the binder clip at the bottom, pull back the plane to launch.
Hand-launched or rubber band-launched.
The binder clip at the bottom acts like front wheels.
Make sure the wing and stabilizer are perpendicular to the rudder and fueselage.
Tape the wing and stabilizer into place at the bottom of the fueselage.
I used $1.25 0.5cm foam board from the dollar store to make this glider.
Other materials include hobby knife, strong tape, 2 binder clips, a rubber band (optional)
Glider tested before putting it on instructables.
I also made 2 other gliders.



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    4 years ago

    I rescaled to 160% (1cm thickness foam) and it ... works. Next i ll try to put a small motor with a 6cm prepeler and 2x 3v button cells. I have no idea what i am doing... first glider/aircraft model project. Will come back with update if it works.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    When I was young my father used to build me toy foam gliders all the time. He'd use the foam you get from a package of hamburger meat.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Good design, and well done!

    I give you a hint: if you do curved the wing and/or horizontal tail plane slots, you will have the opportunity to experience changes in configuration, giving the glider more or less lift. Try it, is easy and effective.

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