How to Make a Friend

Introduction: How to Make a Friend

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I have been in many socially awkward situations where I had no idea what to do. Sometimes I really don't like a person and I have to sit by them or I'm by people I don't know. So I came up with a tutorial that may help you become a better friend or make a new one, so I really hope this helps...

Step 1: Best Friends

Lollipop and Moosy are talking about what they're going to do for their project. They are best friends. Snoopy is sad and lonely because he's new and no one wants to be his friend. This could happen in real life, too, because you can have a best friend and there could be someone you never noticed that's lonely and friendless.

Step 2: Snoopy

Snoopy just transferred from Dog Elementary School to Animal Elementary School, where he has no friends. He misses his doggy friends from Dog Elementary School. A lot. Most new students could feel this way, especially when they had really good friends at their old school.

Step 3: Gossip

Moosy then whispers to Lollipop about the new student Snoopy, not knowing that Snoopy is right behind him. He says that Snoopy acts like a snail in a shell. Lollipop does not feel that way, because he has seen the way Snoopy is. Snoopy is just shy, he tells himself. Maybe he should be his friend.

Step 4: Making Conversation

One of the hardest, most awkward parts of making a friend is trying to start a conversation. Lollipop compliments Snoopy's outfit. Snoopy turns around and thanks Lollipop, but Moosy frowns, because he doesn't like Snoopy at all.

Step 5: Continuous Conversation

Lollipop introduces himself and Moosy, and Snoopy introduces himself. Lollipop and Snoopy find out that they have lots in common. Lollipop invites Snoopy to have lunch with him and Moosy, and Snoopy says yes.

Step 6: That One Friend

Sadly, all of your friends won't get along. Moosy is mad at Lollipop and hates Snoopy. He doesn't join in on the conversation, but instead pouts about it. If you're that friend that is like Moosy around your friends other friends, that's not an example of a good friend. You should at least make a small conversation or let your friend know, because it's never good to avoid a situation like that.

Step 7: A New Personality

Snoopy has a serious personality. Snoopy dreams of being in the Navy one day and loves to swim.

Step 8: Differences

You're not always going to be the exact same as someone else. Lollipop has a fun personality and believes in reusing, recycling, reducing, and making the world a better place.

Step 9: Grumpy

One thing to not be around a new person is grumpy. Grumpy people only make others feel the same way. Snoopy asks Moosy what he likes, and Moosy doesn't say anything. That makes Snoopy really upset, because he's trying to get Moosy to talk.

Step 10: Hobbies

Lollipop is also upset, and he wants to make his new friend happy. Lollipop pulls out a magic card and does a cool magic trick. It's his hobby.

Step 11: A New Hobby

Snoopy is happy again and amazed. Despite how serious Snoopy is, he pulls out a scrapbook he was working on. That's his hobby. Lollipop is amazed by his new friends talent, and the more and more they get to know each other, Lollipop and Snoopy become better friends.

Step 12: A Gift

Snoopy makes his new scrapbook full of pictures of him and Lollipop, because it's clear that Moosy doesn't want to be friends.

Step 13: Best Friends Forever

That's how to make a friend, more or less. Basically, just be yourself around your friends. A new person doesn't even have to be your best friend. As long as you make that person comfortable, you should know that you're a wonderful person=) Hoped this helped!

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    peach girl

    6 years ago

    cute idea plrase search sisters by chance friends by choice


    6 years ago

    You did an excellent job with your complete understanding of the problems of being a "new kid". Good Work