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Hello all, now in this instructable, I'll be making a game that is easy on the wallet! I'm a huge physics nerd and a cheapo (one if the worst combinations if you want the fancy measuring devices!), so I made a cool game at 4:00 AM! This didn't cost me a thing, but it'll probably cost about $3-$4 if you don't have the stuff, so lets get started!!

Step 1: Materials

You need a few household objects! 1. Notebook page (please keep the holes in and don't rip it out of a binder) 2. Springy toilet paper holder (I know, it sounds gross) 3. 2 pens 4. Plastic bottle Simple, right???

Step 2: Assemble the Target

First, put a target on the paper. Then, put the bottle on its side, and put the paper over it! You can put the two pens or just one through the paper's hole for minor support.

Step 3: Use Your "shooter"

Now here is where you use your springy thing from the TP holder! Hold the spring like a syringe and push down on the imaginary plunger! You can use other ways you find because that was the only process I could photograph.

Step 4: SHOOT!!!

Shoot your spring and try to hit the center of the target! Have doubts on who won the game? You could track it with a camera looking at the target or paint the tips with wet paint and that would be easier! I am not responsible for any paint on carpets and household items! Do not point at other people with your spring, either! I'm not responsible for any injuries!! Thank you for viewing! Feel free to comment and vote!



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