How to Make a Glitch in Minecraft


Introduction: How to Make a Glitch in Minecraft

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Step 1 You need to make your base big so if your standing in the middle of it, your friends can't hit you. Then, make sure that every single block around your base is at least 3 blocks tall

Step 1: Step 2

Then you must put a slab of any type down 1 block away from your base

Step 2: Step 3

Then, you can try to get on top to our base, and try to kill your friends when they TRY to get on... And you can make your base bigger and your done!



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    Umm... how is this a glitch? Also, the others could just build/ender pearl up... However, this is a great idea. On servers, you could use this in CTF and it would be pretty effective.

    Nice! Sounds cool glad it helped :-)

    This is cool! I pranked my brother with it! It turned out that an unexpected creeper came along and blew us both up before I got to kill him. :D

    But then again it actually sort of does