How to Make a Guitar Speaker Into the Ultimate BoomBox!!




Introduction: How to Make a Guitar Speaker Into the Ultimate BoomBox!!

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Hello, this is my first instructable so bear with me here. With a guitar speaker or virtualy any other speaker and a few spare other speakers. What i used was 2, 3 inch tweeters, and 2, 4 ohm old TV sub-woofers. The two other speakers on top in the picture are just for decoration , so don' get confused about that.

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Step 1: Tools Needed.

>1xGuitar Speaker
>2xCar Sub-woofer Tweeters
>2x Any Ohm Sub-Woofers

>Hot Glue Gun
>Soldering Pen
>Mp3 Player Or Something to play music from.
>Tin Snips

>Metal Casing/Sheet Metal

>Cardboard/Wood/Plastic (Whatever Works)a

Step 2: Pre-Caution

CAUTION: I am not responsible for any damage or harm done to anyone or anything caused by this project. Sorry about that I just can't afford to get sued in some freak accident. To be honest with you if you are careful, everything should go smoothly. BUT you should wear gloves when handling the metal, because getting cut by that stuff hurts like you wouldn't believe.

Step 3: Taking Apart the Amp.

This is the easiest step. Basically, just unscrew all the screws and take it all apart. Be careful not to break anything like wires or hardware. Once this is done you should have on piece of metal attached to all of the circuitry, do not take the circuitry off of the metal the metal represents the ground. You can discard the rest of the speaker.
P.S. Do not cut any wires, i cannot stress the importance of this. The only wires that should be disconected are the ones connecting to the speaker.

Step 4: Building the Case for the Speaker(s).

This is by far the most time consuming and frustrating part of this Instructable.But if you want the speaker to look nice you have to endure it.

>Hot Glue Gun 
>Tin Snips

(The Whole Sheet of Metal Should be big enough for all of the speakers, make sure of this before you start.)
      Well first of all i did not actually bend the metal myself i got it out of an old computer, so if you have one of those i recamend using this. First bend 3 of the sides 1-2 inches downward. Then on the 4th side bent that 1 1/2 inches 45 degrees downward. (Basically half as much as you bent the other 3 sides.) Once this is done, measure the diameter of your two tweeters, and cut two holes that size side by side in the metal, do the same with the sub-woofers except the hole should only be big enough to put the back part of the speaker in through the hole from the front. Do this for all the other speakers. (I recomend ONLY USING 1-5 SPEAKERS!!) Once your done, move on to the next step.

Step 5: Wiring the Speaker(s).

      This is the Speaker Circuit. Its a little confusing, but basically all the Red lines (Positive) in the picture go to the Positive (Red) wire of the amp, and all the Black lines (Negitive) in the picture go to the Negitive (Black) wire of the amp. Once you are done with that, hot glue all of the wires down to a certain place so that they dont come apart when you are using the speaker. 

Step 6: Closing the Speaker!

      What i did was, I covered it up with a thin plywood, and then (weirdly) I hot glued some leopard fur to the outside of the speaker to make it look decent instead of looking like it was from a dumpster!


Step 7: Done!!!

      Have fun with the speaker!!!

      I am still adding pictures, so comment on any questions or improvements I can make. Like I said, this is my firstInstructable!

I recently added leapord fur decorations to it so the pictures will be different than the cover photo.

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    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    The pictures are gonna come within the next 2 days, please be patient with me. Any advice with this instructable?


    4 years ago on Introduction

    sorry, i already took this apart and am remaking it into a fishing box amplifyer.its gonna have usb chargers, it will be bluetooth, and im really gonna pimp it out. ill be making an instructable for it soon