How to Make a Harry Potter Wand (Easy)

Introduction: How to Make a Harry Potter Wand (Easy)

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So, as some of you may know, I'm a HUGE Harry Potter fan. I had recently went to Universal Studios Islands of Adventure and IT WAS AMAZING! It is worth every cent you pay! Though it was amazing, the wands were VERY expensive (about 40 bucks!). I bought one anyways. The week I got it, it broke. I decided to make my own that wouldn't break quite as easy (though a handful of friends did step, sit on them, etc.). This was the result of my expiraments.

Step 1: Stuff

Since this wand is very easy, you will only need a few things. (I will post a more complicated wand soon)

-wooden dowel
-hot glue

Step 2: Hot Glue It, Baby!

This is the most pain-staking step. Pour hot glue on one end of the dowel until about 1/4 is covered in hot glue. Hold in your hands for a few seconds until it dries, then roll the cooled glue between your hands until it's only a bit rough.

Step 3: Paint With All the Colors of the Wand

Btw, if you can guess what Disney movie the pun from this step is from, you win a virtual high five! Anyways, to paint the wand, chose any brown, grays, or dark reds to make them realistic. If you are making it for a young child you might want to make it blue, bright red, or pink. So, just take a paintbrush and paint on the hot glue until you like the shade.

Step 4: Done!

Now you can cast spells EVERYWHERE! As you can see in one of the pictures, I'm casting a spell on Beast from Beauty and the Beast (to learn to make him check out my other Instructables!). Anyways, have a Harry Potter day!

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