How to Make a Heart From a Dollar

Introduction: How to Make a Heart From a Dollar

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Step 1: Get a Dollar

Find a dollar that has little wrinkles and is easy to fold

Step 2: Fold the Dollar

Fold the bottom of the dollar, on either side, just a little bit to show the letters from the opposite

Step 3: Fold Hamburger Style

With the part you just folded, fold it again hamburger style with the fold on the inside

Step 4: Airplane Fold

Unfold from hamburger style to get back to step 2 but now fold both ends in to form a point almost like you would an airplane

Step 5: Airplane Fold

This is what it should look like from step 4

Step 6: Flip Over and Fold Inside

Flip the dollar over from 5 and the top inside corners fold them in to the too to make a triangle in the middle at the top

Step 7: On the Same Side Food Outside Corners

On the same side that you just flipped over now fold the outside corners just like you did the inside

Step 8: Fold in the Pointy Edges

Now there are two points on both sides that need to be folded in, fold them a little to make and even surface with the rest of the dollar almost

Step 9: Final Product

Flip the dollar over and now you have a heart!

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    Forn Man
    Forn Man

    6 years ago on Introduction

    That's a great way to make your money go farther! Well done. JF