How to Make a Hidden Water Base

About: hi, i am 11 years old. i play minecraft alot. tell me some instructables to do

Hello, did you missed me. I am not putting instructables because my mom hided my ipad, so lets get started. But first: i got minecraft xbox 360 edition, if you have xbox live add me at zozonakouzi

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Step 1: The Water

Dig 5 blocks, add on the bottom a sign, and in the top put water. Ops forget the materials, sign and water

Step 2: Making the Base

Dig one block at the bottom, expand your base, then you should have this

Step 3: Going Up

Add torches, to go up step on the sign, hold the jump button and you are up, thank you and i am back for few days

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    4 years ago

    hided is not a word


    6 years ago

    Do u have clash of clans

    Rapa Dash

    6 years ago

    Thanks bro if I invite my friends from a different realm thay can't find my important stuff

    13, 5:06 PM.jpg

    6 years ago

    wouldnt it look suspiciuos? look at my secret base tutorial to make it more sneaky