How to Make a Kaleidoscope




This Is NOT My Idea, Im Just Posting An Instructable On It :)

It Should Fit Into Your Pocket Unless You Have Those Very Very Skin Tight Pants

Step 1: Preperation & Tools

  • Mirrors: Three for each kaleidoscope
  • PVC Pipe: One for each kaleidoscope
  • PVC End Cap: One for each kaleidoscope
  • Adhesive-backed Foam Strips: Three pieces for each kaleidoscope
  • Foam Rope: Three pieces for each kaleidoscope
  • Petrie Dishes: One for each kaleidoscope
  • PVC Cement
  • Transparent Tape: About one roll for every five kaleidoscopes
  • Sharpie Markers: Permanent, in various colors

*pieces of sandpaper: About 100 grit

Pre-Step 2; Prepare the materials

1. Cut the acrylic mirror into strips. 7 7/8" x 1-1/8' x 1/8' finished size, Remember Height x Width x Length / HxWxL when looking at measurements

2. Cut the PVC pipe into 7-7/8 inch tubes. (1 And A Half Inches Wide) Clean The tubes

3. Drill holes in the center of the PVC end cap (Size Of Cap Needs To Fit The PVC Pipe

4. Cut the adhesive-backed foam weather stripping* into one-inch pieces.

5. Cut the foam rope into one-inch pieces. (Cut Into 1 Inch Long Pieces)

6. WARNING: If You Want A colored Kaleidescope, DONT DO THIS YET, If You Want One That Looks At Surroundings, Go Ahead And Do This Step. Glue the bottoms of the Petri dishes** onto the PVC tubes. (60 mm x 15 mm Plastic Petri Dish)

*Weather Stripping is foam-like substance that is used on windows to stop leaks and form a sort-of-like air-tight seal

**A petri dish is a flat dish made of plastic or glass with a cover that is primarily used to grow bacteria.

Step 2: Preparation of the Mirrors

Click Pictures To See The Steps!
This Is A Long Preparation So Clicking The Pics Is Easier

Step 3: Getting the Mirrors Into the PVC

The Pictures Again :)
Another Fairly Long Preparation

Step 4: Done!

If You Want Color, Before Gluing The Petri Dish Onto The PVC, Draw Squiggles And Lines And Circles On It With Sharpie!



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    11 years ago on Introduction

    Nice! Dang, I wear very close to skin tight jeans, hopefully I can try to get it to fit. :P