How to Make a Kids Reading Loft




Introduction: How to Make a Kids Reading Loft

About: Hi! I'm Nairita! I've been a part if the R5 family since 2009, and love music and art. Do me a favor and follow this amazing girl. Her username is: sasygirl5

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Step 1: Find a Nice Cozy Place

Find a cozy cuddly place. I chose my bunk!

Step 2: Add in Stuffed Animals

Add in some cute stuffed animals! I brought all of mine over here.

Step 3: Pillow Time!!!

Find a comfy pillow. Costco has good ones.

Step 4:

Step 5: Pick a Book!

Pick a few books to keep in your loft. Once you've read them, switch them out for new ones!

Step 6:

I picked my two favorites

Step 7: Placing

Place them in a little corner or small part of your loft

Step 8: You're Done!

Congrats! I hope you liked this, it's my first instructable.

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