How to Make a Lego Robot

Introduction: How to Make a Lego Robot

This is a fun design that should be no trouble to build.

Step 1: The Pieces

The pieces can be any color yo'd like them to be.

Step 2: Legs

Take two of your head light pieces and place them down.

Step 3:

Put your white studs on the front side.

Step 4:

Then put your blue studs on the bottoms.

Step 5:

Take your 1x3.

Step 6:

And place it on the tops.

Step 7:

Add your two 1x1 slant pieces and you may Want to turn the feet a bit for detail.

Step 8:

Get your camera piece and place it down.

Step 9:

Put your other 1x1 piece and put it on the front Side away from the lens.

Step 10:

Put another 1x3 and put it right bellow the slanted piece.

Step 11:

Flip the model over and take a 1x2.

Step 12:

And place it stud down.

Step 13:

Take your cone piece and place it on top.

Step 14: The Arms

Take another two headlight pieces.

Step 15:

And place these weird beak pieces and put those on the stud side.

Step 16:

Add a antennae.

Step 17:

Add to dark grey studs to the back stud in. Note:once you put those pieces in the are hard to get back out

Step 18:

Add your blue cone pieces to the bottoms.

Step 19: Yay

Now that you have every thing to gather It's time to combined.

Step 20:

First start out with your body.

Step 21:

Take your arms.

Step 22:

Place the arms on the side by the head.

Step 23:

Make sure to adjust the antenna.

Step 24:

Get your feet.

Step 25:

Put them to gather.

Step 26:

Turn the model over.

Step 27:

Now just plop the wings on.

Step 28: Who Wo!!!

Now you are done! I hope you enjoy'd this instructable I hope I spelled that right.oh what ever thanks for reading or well can also put this on a lego plate.

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