How to Make a Light Necklace




In this i will be showing you how to make a light necklace using...

An LED Christmas light


A button batterie

And string

Step 1: Take a Light From the Christmas Lights

To take out a light pull the tab.

Step 2: Take the Light Out

Pull the plastic/glass tip off and pull the metal prongs down. Then all you have to do is pull out the light.

Step 3: Tape the Light to a Button Batterie

It dose matter which side the metal prongs are on

Step 4: Tape the Light on

Once you find the position that it glows tape it on.

In some positions it can be like a flashlight. The light will go on when you press it.

Step 5: Put on the String

How I put on the string was taping it. If you know a better way go for it.

Step 6: (optional) Cut Out Two Paper Circles Smaller Than the Button Batterie

If you want cut out two paper circles a little bit smaller Than the batterie decorate them at tape them on.

This light will stay on for a very long time. If it goes our just replace the batterie. It's that simple.

Step 7: Thanks : )

Thanks for reading.



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