How to Make a Light Up Hacky Sack




This instructable shows one how to modify a hacky sack in order to make it light up. A sweet gift for the upcoming holidays!

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Step 1: Get Your Stuff & Start!

Things needed for this project:
-Hacky sack (duh :P)
-One of those light up bouncy balls like these.
-Sewing needle and some thread
-Exacto knife

First, you want to get the little plastic ball out of all that rubber surrounding it. You can do this with an Exacto knife of sorts or something like that. A pic of it is shown below.

Step 2: Cut an Opening, Sew, & Finish

Break out your scissors and cut somewhere along the hacky sack, big enough to insert the little plastic ball into. You'll have to take some pellets out to make room for it also.

After that, put the little ball in, sew it up, and you're good to go! Have fun hacking it up in the dark or whatever pleases you! ;)



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    10 Discussions


    11 years ago on Introduction

    the cheese thats what i did with this i just cut a hole that could be easy to sew back up and i have to change it everyonce awhile


    12 years ago

    Well, a light-up sack is a sweet idea, but as a hacky sacker I have a few suggestions: The ball is a little big, and could impact play: stalls and such rely on the sack flattening on impact. The plastic ball would change the dynamics of play. Hacky sacks are crocheted: they are designed to be opened slightly at the top or bottom so you can remove pellets (most come overfilled), you would deal with a lot less potential unraveling if you opened it from the top or bottom. a great idea though, it would be nice to play in the dark.

    1 reply

    Reply 12 years ago

    Thanks for the input! I myself am not an expert, so this helps a lot.


    12 years ago

    If the light source was a few surface mount LEDs it would work just fine for hacky sack. With two watch batteries and a handful of those you would make a light slightly larger then a penny.


    12 years ago

    I rater not have a really hard hacky sack, what was your sack filled with?

    1 reply