How to Make a Log Stack




Hey guys my name is clay on my profile I do DIYs on minecraft so here's how it works you post in ...

This is a easy tutorial so I'll won't go into tree wood bye enjoy

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Step 1: Log Thing

Step 2: Logs

Step 3: Top

Step 4: Wrap

Step 5: Daily Message

My tutorial will not be detailed as they used to

Step 6: How to Get Your Idea on My Tutorial

How to get your idea on my tutorial is to post in a comment in the latest video explain me what you want me to build as your idea.Your idea will be showed in the tutorial that you want me to build.

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    Nice design, the railroad tracks really look like you've lashed the logs together. Thanks for sharing!


    5 years ago

    Claytrasser could you make a popcorn machine and why because I don't know how to make one