How to Make a Melted Bead Shape

This is just for decorating around the house! Look below for some ideas.

•refrigerator magnet

Let's get makin!!

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Step 1: Supplies

You will need:

Cookie cutter (metal)
Plastic beads
Oven (set on bake 400 degrees)
Cookie sheet (non-stick)

Step 2: Baking Time!

Set your cookie cutter in the middle of the baking sheet. Then, poor at least 2 layers of beads into the cookie cutter

Step 3: Oven and Bake

Put your cookie sheet into the oven. Set 400 degrees. Set your timer for 13 minutes.

Step 4: All Done!

Once you have finished baking your shape you now need to cool it. I recommend taking it out to the garage, refrigerator, or freezer for 6
Minutes and then pulling it off. Pop out your melted shape out of the cookie cutter. If it doesn't come out, try cooling it more or take a knife to the end where there might be a crack

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