How to Make a Mic Holder




This instructable shows you how to make a simple mic holder for a stand
wish is very cheap if you have all the stuff if not you can buy the stuff for under £5!

Step 1: You Will Need

Card (thin)
Cello Tape
Wire Tape

Step 2: 1st Step

Get A4 sheet of card and cut it in half.

Step 3: 2nd Step

Then role it up into a pole shape
and cello tape it down as in picture

Step 4: 3rd Step

Cut at the top as in pictures below

Step 5: 4th Step

Get card again and cut in half then again
so you get a 1/4 of the card.
then curve it in the picture below

Step 6: 5th Step

then cello tape both parts togather
and cover it in wire tape any coulor
to make it look better and to make it strong

Step 7: Finish

you now have a mic holder
which you can put on the end of a mic stand
without having to hold it in your hands
hope this helps you with your problems:)



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    2 Discussions


    7 years ago on Step 7

    this's very helpful to me for my home recording


    9 years ago on Step 7

    This is so awesome thanks this will work great for my Band Cosmic Virus