How to Make a Minecraft Hotel

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Step 1: Go on to Minecraft

Step 2: Make a Flat World

Step 3: Get Diamond Blocks

Step 4: Make a House of 30x20 Blocks and 6 Blocks High

Step 5: Keep Building Until You Get the Structure

Step 6: Keep Building Until You Get the Structure

Step 7: Keep Building Until You Get the Structure

Step 8: Make Room for a Door

Step 9: Add the Door

Step 10: Build the Roof

Step 11: Add Torches

Step 12: Make Rooms

Step 13: Add Accessorises

Step 14: Repeat Until Done

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    3 years ago

    I tried this but I have seen things a bit better. I think that you could work on where you get your information from. I saw one that looked so good. This is very creative but I believe you schoolwork on it. Thanks

    Ooo soo pretty with the diamond blocks and the torches! Looks like an awesome place to stay, even if only virtual! Welcome to instructables!