How to Make a Mini Gods Eye

Introduction: How to Make a Mini Gods Eye

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Hi, I am posting this instructable to educate YOU on how to make a gods eye, and before you go and ask me in a comment, no, this isn't religious, yes you can use any color(s) you want, and if you choose to do various colors just tie off your old color or join it with another, just leave strings at the back. Let me know what you honestly thought of this project in the comments ok? And yes, constructive criticism is welcome here, there is always room for adjustments, and oh ya, let me know if you need any help, and you can use different materials If you'd like, and make this bigger, just do the same thing, except with a bigger cross shape. Now lets get started.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

For this instructable you will need:

-about one ball of yarn (any color or colors will do)
You can get this from goodwill or something for cheap, and we won't use the whole yarn ball, so just save the rest
-two Q-tips or toothpicks( sticks of even size for a bigger one)
-scissors or teeth for cutting the yarn at the end

Step 2: First Off

Put your q tips or whatever you chose and put them in a cross shape.

Step 3: Next

Unwind some of that yarn and wrap it around the center of the cross in an X shape. Make you you keep them in an even + shape as well as you can, don't worry If it is hard to or they aren't exact, just don't give up or let go of the yarn, we'll fix this soon.

Step 4: The Trick

You can use whatever way of wrapping you want in the center, just make sure it's not too thickly wrapped ok for this step you can begin on whichever q tip you want. Get the yarn and wrap it around like this: repeat with the other three ones, just make sure that you pull them nice and tight and that they are as close to the center as possible without overlapping.

Step 5: Continue

Keep repeating step 4, MAKE SURE YARN DOES NOT OVERLAP. Adjust q tips by pushing and or pulling them as you go along, just make sure they form an even plus sign. And make sure that tail end of the yard stays going out toward you and does not get caught up in your work.

Step 6: Finishing Off

Stop when you feel it's done. Cut off yarn and leave a 6 inch tail. Now, hot glue that base of the tail to the q tip you left off on, or do it another way if you find one.if you want to, leave a bigger tail for hanging, yes?

Step 7: The View

Once your done with the previous step, flip that thing over and look at what you did. Neat huh? And yes, you can snip that tail I'm holding to size, just don't snip it too small, it might come undone.
Thank you for reading and or doing my instructable. Have a nice day or night.

Step 8: That Is All

Let me know what you thought of this instructable in the comments, and dont be afraid to be truthful and make suggestions, or ask questions.

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    5 years ago

    And make SURE YOU keep them in an even plus shape, not you you


    5 years ago

    For they I meant the yarn, and I meant pull the yarn nice and tight. Sorry if I confused any of you guys.