How to Make a Mini Pocket Knex Gun




Introduction: How to Make a Mini Pocket Knex Gun

a small micro k'nex pocket gun... not the best

Step 1: Parts

sorry bad pic

Step 2: The Gun

Step 3: Adding

Step 4: More Adding

Step 5: Finishing

Step 6: Handle

Step 7: Firing PIN

sorry bad pic

Step 8: Rubber Bands

here u need 4 small rubber bands

Step 9: Ammo

bad pic to

Step 10: Firing

to fire pull back the firing pin. then  put the little black pin that is the ammo. last tilt the purple trigger/connecter.



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    Lol it would be funny to see somebody make a Z35 by Oblivitus with mini knex.

    You'd figure one look at my posts would give it away, but no. I'll let them have there fun... ;-)


    Not the smallest, but if you were going for something as a pocket gun, you shouldn't post it, just a heads up that you will get bad comments :(

    3 replies

    Holy cow! I made that gun in your avatar, that's hilarious. x) Feel free to use the picture as your avatar, though.

    And cool-looking gun, it's the first I've seen that uses mini-k'nex pieces. :)

    It's a pocket gun, it's made out of micro knex, and it's a block trigger pistol.