How to Make a Mini Lego Candy Machine

Introduction: How to Make a Mini Lego Candy Machine

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Step 1: How It Works

This is how it works

Step 2: Base

Get a 6x8 flat piece and add a 4x6 flat piece on it (half) then put smooth pieces on it like that

Step 3: Add Walls

Like this

Step 4: Add More Walls

Like this any LEGOS like these will work

Step 5: Side View

This is a side view

Step 6: Ceilings

Like that (6x2, 6x4)

Step 7: This Piece

This piece needs to be made

Step 8: Place It Here

Place that piece here

Step 9: Make This Piece

Make this piece!

Step 10: Add This

Add this!!?!?????

Step 11: Slide In

Slide that piece in here

Step 12: Insert Penny

Insert it!¡!¡!¡!¡

Step 13: Get Your Treat


Step 14: Have Fun Building!

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    amazing mind blown (i know u want more comment ill try my best to get attraction [i had the same feeling with mine too)anyways i think it would be better if u get well defiened pics.


    4 years ago



    4 years ago

    Looks like fun!