How to Make a Mini Minion

Introduction: How to Make a Mini Minion

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Step 1: Materials

Blue or White Fabric (if you don't have any fabric, just use an old t-shirt) Yellow Fabric Blue marker (if you don't have blue fabric) Black marker Sewing kit White dimensional fabric paint Gray dimensional fabric paint Black dimensional fabric paint Scissors

Step 2: Lets Begin!

First take a piece of yellow fabric, you can cut it any size you wish. Then turn it over and sew the side. After you're done only sew the top! Not the bottom! The bottom need to be left open for later! Then turn it over again and it should be like a minor pill like shape.

Step 3: Let's Stuff It Up!

To stuff your mini minion you can use stuffing that you can buy at your local craft store or if you can't buy ot you can just unstuff an old toy, but if that not a choice either you can just use the ghetto way and use some left over fabric, but if your out of fabric, you can use some package peanuts, but if you dont like that, well i dont know... Ok so stuff up your minion real good, then sew the bottom.

Step 4: Lets Get Him Dressed Up!

To make his clothes you are going to need some white cloth, well it would be easier if you just have blue fabric but i didnt have any so i had to take the white fabric and use a marker and draw it. Then cut it just like it is above in the picture then turn it over and sew the side then the bottom then put it on your minion

Step 5: Hands!

Get another piece if yellow fabric and cut its hands out and draw gloves on him. Then sew his hands. And add the overall strap, just cut out a peice of the blue fabric and cut it into a line like the hand and sew it in like the hand.

Step 6: Eyes! Mouth!

With the dimensional fabric paint (gray) and make his goggles then make his eyes with the white and black and wait for it to dry you can also make his mouth!

Step 7: Feet!

You are going to take the blue fabric and cut it into a leg and shoe. Then with the black dimensional fabric paint cover the shoe with the paint, then wait to dry! Then sew it on your minion!

Step 8: Have Fun With It!

Enjoy your mini minion! Make it a key chain! Anything you want! Enjoy!

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    aqua 12
    aqua 12

    6 years ago

    This is so cool