How to Make a Mini Paper Tank (2 Tanks Out of One Sheet of Paper)




Introduction: How to Make a Mini Paper Tank (2 Tanks Out of One Sheet of Paper)

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Hey, today in going to show you how to make a mini tank. What's the cool thing about it is you can make 2 mini tanks out of one sheet of paper. Now lets go make it!

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Step 1: Getting the Materials

All you need to make this mini paper tank are a pair of scissors or you can rip,a bottle of strong glue,1 sheet of print paper,and sticky notes.

Step 2: Getting Ready

Now take your 1 sheet of print paper and fold it down and it should be a rectangle but small.Unfold and cut on that crease and pick a piece paper and move the other one aside.

Step 3: The Origami Fold

Fold the piece of paper down so its a long rectangle.Then take the corners and fold to the other side and unfold, do the same to the other side.Now you should have an "x".Take both sides of the "x" and bring them to the middle, then flatten it and do the same to the other side.

Step 4: Making the Wheels

Now take two flaps from one side and fold them to the other side.Now take that side you just folded the flaps to the middle and do it again but it going back and do the same to the other side.

Step 5: Making the Front and Back

Pick one side and fold both corners to the middle but leave a gap in the middle and it depends on how big you want the hole to be for the barrel.Then flip it over and take that side you folded the corners to the middle back and fold the other one back.The first one you folded should be at the bottom and the other one is on top, the flatten it.

Step 6: Locking and Gluing

Now for this step you are going to need your glue.Take the top one and unfold it and take the bottom one and take both flaps but under the flaps there should be another lair, that laid will stay under the top.Once you got the two flaps take the top side and fold it back where it was.You can now see two more flaps from the top side and you want the small flaps to be under the big ones, then flatten it and flip it over.Now this is the gluing part.Once you've flipped it over you should see two flaps coming out put a drop of glue on one of the flaps and on the side there should be some space, now take that flap and place it in the small space but don't place it in a pocket.Now do the same to the other side.

Step 7: Popping the Wheels Out

Now take your index finger and put it in the pocket of one of the wheels from the out side and take your thumb and place behind the wheel you chosen, gently push the wheel with your thumb until its not flat, now again but I think you already know what in going to say since I said it a lot of times............(do the same to the other side)

Step 8: Making the Barrel and Done

Take your sticky note and roll it with you starting at the side that is not sticky and insert it in the hole.I hope you enjoy and don't forget to comment if you liked it! :)

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    3 years ago

    cool i love origami


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Cool! If you smash it down, would it shoot something out of the barrel (like a bean or a small wadded piece of paper)?