How to Make a Mini Play Set

Introduction: How to Make a Mini Play Set

There are really only two things to creating this play set. The first step is having the materials needed to create the set and secondly, you have to have a good imagination. The materials needed to create this play set is: 1-10 foam blocks, a chisel, a power drill (optional), some aluminum/copper foil, some easy malleable wire and a hot glue gun. Paint is optional too

- To really begin this project, you wanna take your foam block and think of something you wanna make. It shouldn't be that hard, the only thing that makes this project hard is nothing. We put our minds on something that portrayed life, but in foam and metal form.

-take your block of foam and your chisel and carve till you believe it is done.

- to make the spiral effect of wire, you want to take your wire and fold it in half. Next take your drill and open the front. Lock the middle of the bent wire and put it in the drill. Close the wire down and fold two ends on the wire to wrap your fingers. Power the drill with the trigger and if you hold the wire together good enough, you will get a cool looking spirally wire.

-the best part about this project is that you can express your creativity and never let anyone shoot down that idea because it could benefit you later on.

-One easy issue to fix when you are creating this project is, do not dig for fun into the block. The blocks do cost money, but they also can make a HUGE mess because when you chisel you block it can go everywhere.

-if we thought of a good idea, we tried as hard as possible to create it, but it never seemed to always work, so we tweaked the creation to come up with something much more different of what it possibly could be.

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