How to Make a Miniature Clay Apple



Things you will need:
Red, White, Green, and Brown clay.
Clay tools shown in picture.
Rolling Pin.
Baby Powder.

Lightly dust baby powder over work surface and rolling pin, as this helps the clay to not stick to the pin or surface.
Roll flat the red clay.
Place ball of white clay on top of the flattened out red clay and wrap red clay around it.
Shape into an apple.
Using clay tools, push a dent into the top of your apple followed by a hole for the stem to go through.
Roll flat the green clay, and roll brown clay into a thin log.
Using curved end of clay tool, cut out a leaf shape of the green clay.
Attach leaf to wrap around brown stem.
Stick brown clay stem and leaf into the hole on top of the apple.
Using curved clay tool, scoop out a tiny "Bite" mark out of apple.
Bake at 275 degrees for about 15 minutes.
Let cool, and your apple is done!  :)

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