How to Make a Necklace



Have you ever wanted to make your own jewelry, but you didn't know how? This instructable will tell you how to make your own beaded necklace

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Step 1: Measure

First, you will need to measure the length of the string. You can use a ruler or a tape measure

Step 2: Cut

After measuring, cut the desired length. Please note that you will need an extra inch for the knot at the end

Step 3: Pendant

Find the middle of the string and put the biggest bead possible As your pendant. You do not need to do this step

Step 4: Start

Now you have to find the second biggest bead and place two of them on either side of the pendant

Step 5: More Beads

Add the third biggest bead and string it next to the second biggest beads

Step 6: More and More Beads

Find the smallest bead possible and put 3 different colors on a row next to the third smallest beads

Step 7: More and More and More Beads

Add 4 small beads (different from the smallest bead) next to the smallest beads

Step 8: Almost Ready

Add four of the flattest beads next to the small beads.

Step 9: More and More and More and More and More Beads

Now add two of the the second biggest bead again (the one next to the pendant)

Step 10: No More Beads

Add the second flattest bead 4 times

Step 11: Last Step

Add the 2nd biggest bead until the necklace is finished

Step 12: Enjoy!

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