How to Make a Needle Felting Ball


Introduction: How to Make a Needle Felting Ball

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This is my first instructable so I hope you enjoy this!

Step 1: Get Your Wool and Your Equipment You Need Ready

First roll your wool into this shape. No matter how long or how short it is, you can still make a ball.


Then start poking the felting needle into the roll of wool to start shaping it. The more you poke it the more harder and better it will get. Making the wool too loose will lose all its shape and it will be impossible to sculpt. Take your time and all will be fine.

Step 3: And You're Done!

You can also make more things with just one ball of wool. You can make anything from a sheep to a necklace!

Step 4: My Ones

Oh, and here are my examples of what I used the balls for:
Yellow: Pikachu's head (from Pokémon)
Purple: Blaze the cat (from Sonic The Hedgehog)

It was hard to make them all perfect so I just rushed it and it turned out to be as perfect as I wanted them to be.



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    4 Discussions

    Thank you so much and maybe I can make them as their own instructable. I had a pack of 7 felting needles which I can use for this project but unfortunately 6 of my needles broke and the last one is with my sister and she is keeping it. She doesn't want to give me the needle because it's the last one and she doesn't want it to break.

    But I can get more and yeah I can probably make them.

    By the way thanks for your first comment I've ever got!

    Very cool!

    Are you going to show how you made the Pikachu and Blaze in the last step? Steps on those would be great to see, or they could probably even be done as their own instructable. Very nice work!