How to Make a Nerf Jolt Fire Paintballs




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This is just about the epicist, most awesomest thing you can do with a Jolt! Little brothers beware!

Step 1: Gather These Tools and Materials

Nerf Jolt EX-1 or Nerf Jolt Elite, Britz 'n Pieces SplatBalls (has to be these as they fit the barrel best), 1 Nerf Streamline or Elite Dart.

Step 2: Remove the AR

For this to work, you need to remove the Air Restrictor and AR Pin.

Gives a good explanation of how to do this.

Step 3: Adding Paintballs

Drop a paintball into the barrel of the Jolt. Then get the bullet, insert it into the barrel and push the ball down the barrel until the barrel 'grabs' it and you can tip the gun upside down without the ball falling out.

Step 4: Locked and Loaded

Cock the Jolt, point it at an unfortunate object, and pull the trigger.
Don't expect to keep friends. :D

Step 5: SPLATT!!

Me pants!



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