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Ever Have Troubles In The Wasteland,Well Now You Don't Need To Worry About Getting Killed By Super mutants,Feral Ghouls,Raiders,Or Even Enclave Soldiers With My How To Make A Nuka Grenade Guide And You Don't Even Need A Schematics Plan,No Caps Needed!!!!

Step 1: What You Will Need

First You Will Need The Following Items-

-Tin Can
-Sharpie Marker
-White Paint
-Black And White Wires
-Super Glue
-Pliers Or Wire Cutter
-Screw Or Nail
-Three Ring Shape Wire Connector Tops PAINT THEM WHITE!!!
-Coat Hanger Bar (Metal)
-Masking Tape (Vanilla Color)

See The Photo On For More Information

Step 2: Punching Holes

First Punch Three Holes In The Bottom Of The Can.
You Can Use A Screwdriver And Apply Pressure On The Spot
You Want To Punch A Hole In

See The Photo On For More Information

Step 3: Punch Holes on the Can's Side

Glue The Two Caps On The Holes On The Side Of The Can,The Other One Will Be Used Later.

See The Photo On For More Information

Step 4: Put Masking Tape to Use

Write Radiation On The Front Of The Can.
Then Write Danger On The Back.

(On The Masking Tape)

(Write Them A Little Hardcore)

See The Photo On For More Information

Step 5: Put Wires to Use

Wrap The Wires On The Inside So The Wires Cant Be Pulled Out.
Do The Same Thing With The Red Wires

See The Photo On For More Information

Step 6: Use That Spare Cap

Remember That Last Cap I Was Talking About Earlier,
Well put it to use!!!Glue the cap on the Nearest Hole Near The Edge
The Two Holes In The Middle Of The Can Will Be For The Wires

Get A Nail Or A Screw And Use That Coat Hanger Bar And Wrap It Around The Nail

Bend The Coat Hanger Bar After It Has Been Put In Place,It Might Break So When Done Put An Additional Coat Of Super Glue.

You Will Now Your Final Result!!!Now Get Your Super Glue And Put Glue On And In And Around The Nail And Cap So The Handle Wont Break That Easy

Step 7: Seal That Sucker Up!!!

Before You Do Anything Maybe....Show Off,Pretend Or Just To Keep,Seal The Lid With Super Glue And Then Keep Can Under Pressure So Lid Wont Pop Open While Drying.You Can Also Use Hot Glue Or Anything That Will Keep That Sucker Closed!!!


Congratulations Fellow Wasteland Dweller You Have Made Your Own Nuka Grenade
Now You Can Roam The Wastelands Without Worrying About A Pack Of Raiders Jumping
Out Of The Ruins Or Getting Eaten By Feral Ghouls When Roaming The Subway Stations
When You Can Just.....BLOW E'M UP!!!!!Stay Safe Out There In Those Ruins!!!!



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1 year ago



Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

Ill Post an Instructable on a Nuka Grenade That Can Acctually Lite Up And Burst Into Blue Flames!!!


7 years ago on Introduction

I can't seem to figure out what the three ring shape wire connector top is either, like Gage987, I've tried google, please help!


7 years ago on Step 5

You could use a Marette (twist on wire connector) to hold these together


7 years ago on Introduction

Lucky me I live in Seattle. Once I get my belt sander back, my 40 or so cans are going to get their protective layer removed and tossed in the rain for a few weeks.

Oh, and if any of you are going to PAX, I might have drinkable QuanTum...


8 years ago on Introduction

Love it except for that its not rusted, but great job anyway. The rust just gives it the good look, lol.


8 years ago on Introduction

What are these Three Ring Shape Wire Connector Tops you speak of? I tried Google.


9 years ago on Introduction

nice! but i used a rusted tincan to make it look cooler

ya know what sucks by the time you get the nuka grenaid schematics from miora she probably already drank all the quantum in the game >:(

1 reply

Grrr,I Know Its Best To Go To The Nuka Cola Bottling Company And Get All The Quantum You Want Even Cherry And The Other 7 Flavors,But Be Sure You Have Strong Weapons,ammo And Alot Of Stimpacks

Nice Instructable, but i'm pretty sure that the pull pin is on the opposite side so that the holes in the top form a tall acute triangle. Although it looks like you should leave in the nail/nob thingy in the top, and if you could maybe you should sand away part of the can and spray vinegar on it so it rusts or spray paint it. But nice job on the detail.

1 reply

Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

Lol,Thanks Ill See If I Make More Fallout Weapons When I Get More Feedback Or When Fallout New Vegas Comes Out,You Know Strike While The Irons Hot And All That Jazz Thanks, Ant_guy